The Board

The Board was grounded during the Summer 1996. A group of artists got together, in order to process an art work in two parts. First part was to create an art game that works in electrical surroundings. Most suitable for this purpose seemed to be Weppi-Kioski, a computer aided information network supported by Turku Telephone Company. Weppi-Kioski's are information stands that are located in 15 different places in Turku, Finland, in shopping centres,train stations, hotels... anyone is able to access them, and using is free of charge.

Each of the four artist of the Board created their own "art route" into these Weppi-Kioski's. Person playing the art game was able to choose one route, and if s/he managed to reach the end of the route, s/he found an empty blanket. By filling the blanket with her/his contact information the player took part in lottery. There were over 2000 people playing the art game, and close to 300 persons left their contact information and took part in the lottery. In this lottery ten persons won a possibility to participate in an amazing performance, held in a suite.

This unique performance was held by the Board for the winners only. It formed the second part of the art process. This internet work is based on the documentation of the performance, and on the art routes of the Weppi-Kioski.


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